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Join the ISA (via PDF form)

This page is deprecated. To join the ISA, please use the online form

If you fly at the Beacon regularly, or are looking for a club in the area, do consider joining the ISA. Membership confers several benefits:

  • Access to the ISA flat field near Hockliffe (for gliders and electric).
  • Access to the ISA forum, for online banter and news.
  • Access to the Members only section for newsletters, minutes etc.
  • Regular club meetings.
  • Our informative and entertaining 'Beacon' Newsletter.
  • BMFA membership (optional). This includes £5,000,000 third party insurance. Remember: you must have BMFA insurance to fly at Ivinghoe Beacon.

How to Join

To join, please fill out and send the membership form. Don't forget to include your email address. If you have any problems please contact the membership secretary (see contacts).