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ISA Flat Field – Hockliffe

Covid 19 risk assessment 29 March 2021

Covid 19 Risk Assessment (PDF)

Location and entry

  • The field is bordered on one side by a row of houses and these must not be over-flown.
  • Your cars should be left in the shaded area shown on the map and not driven into the main field.
  • The grass is kept nice and short by the resident sheep (which usually disappear at the first sight of a flyer).
  • The Club will meet down at the field, weather permitting, on the 2nd Saturday of each month. The gate lock combination is 2735


  • Please remember to rotate the lock barrel after opening and closing to hide the combination number. You need to combination number set to close the lock.
  • The combination number is changed annually. The new code is distributed with your renewal confirmation each year.
  • Once in the field, please lock the gate to ensure the sheep don't get out and the lock is not stolen (as it was at the start of 2009 and again in 2013)
Map of Hockliffe site

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