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Read the latest rules for flying at ISA sites from 29 March 2021

From Greg Lewis

As I am sure you are aware, the Government has relaxed the Covid 19 lockdown rules which have curtailed most forms of model flying recently, but our two flying sites – Ivinghoe Hills and the Hockliffe flat field – have different rules that apply.

Overall restrictions

  1. If you have any symptoms of COVID 19 you must not attend
  2. The stay-at-home rule ends, although the government is urging people to stay local as much as possible
  3. Maintain the 2-metre social distancing at all times
  4. Bring your own sanitising hand wash/wipes/protective gloves
  5. Avoid sharing equipment

Ivinghoe Hills

  1. You are allowed to meet in groups of up to six at this site. If more than six people attend, then ensure that you separate into two (or more) distinct groups
  2. Remember to maintain 2-metre separation when flying
  3. If you have to launch a model for another pilot, then sanitise your hands afterwards


  1. Here we can meet in a group of up to 30 people
  2. Those attending field must email as part of the test and trace process, stating date and time of arrival
  3. If it is unavoidable to avoid handling other members’ model and equipment such as launch winch, etc. then take immediate steps to cleanse/sanitise your hands and surfaces touched
  4. When parking leave at least a 3 metre separation from the next vehicle to allow space for assembling models
  5. Please see the Risk Assessment on the ISA website

Thank you for your cooperation.

Greg Lewis

Chairman, Ivinghoe Soaring Association

28th March 2021

After 15 years, our old website has finally been retired.

After 15 years, our old website has finally been retired. We hope you like the new one, with a news section and photo gallery.

The new site is built using WordPress and the Tiny Framework theme. It’s early days, and no doubt it'll be tweaked as we gain experience.

RIP old site - you served us well!

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Screenshot of the old website